PISA - Prayer for the Young

Heike Schwarz


Puberty and teen-age are when young people are assumed to be most disturbing and rebellious. Through this self-fulfilling prophesy they are pinned down in this role.

Jesus, you are the Truth Incarnate, cut our young people loose from this lie and determinative statement. Give us as adults a new perspective, that we may see and acknowledge the value of young people and express this adequately.


Identity crisis: ‘Who am I ?’ ‘Is there a Real Me behind the different faces and masks I’m putting on in order to be accepted?’ ‘I hardly dare to be true to my feelings.’ ‘I feel so lonely.’

Jesus, you are the Liberator. Come into the inner prisons of these young people. Touch them in your gentle and non-manipulative way and offer yourself as their friend. Help them out of their loneliness and their incapability to relate to others.


Sexual fantasies, violence and consumerism in the media are indoctrinating our children from an early age so that it is hard for them to resist this influence. As a result they are robbed of their childhood.

In the name of Jesus who takes a child as an example for adults and who cuddles them warmly, you robber, let our children and young people go. And release them back into the freedom under the government of the true King.


Action, action, our children today are always busy, running around from one activity to the next, with a full diary and high expectations placed upon them. They are snowed under by lots of new impressions and visual images through TV and school life.

Jesus, you are the Lord and Creator of time, reduce the pace of life for our young people and for us. Give us your peace and lead us back to allowing ourselves simply to be – before you, ourselves and others. And guide us to meaningful action done unto you.

Heike Schwarz