EurECA Conference 2006

Christian Worldview in Teaching

Graz, Austria

70 Christian educators from 17 nations gathered this year for the annual EurECA conference. According to the bi-annual rhythm, this was a working conference; its theme was ‘Christian worldview in teaching’.

For several reasons, the Convent of the Charitable Sisters in Graz turned out to be an ideal facility for this event: it is both centrally located and yet a place of peace and contemplation. With its various group rooms of different sizes, the house offered ample space for the nine work groups, in which for three days, participants presented, viewed, evaluated and amended Christianly based educational materials.

Of these, there turned out to be an impressive variety, covering many different subject areas, age groups and school types. The wide range included assessments of literature, ideas for teaching math and science, courses in teaching about gender and sexuality – all based on a Christian worldview.

The intensive cooperation brought forth, as intended, a catalogue of teaching materials, which John Shortt edited in the weeks that followed. It went online on the EurECA webpage in August, and is hoped to keep on growing and to serve uncountable Christians in the years to come.

Every day of the conference began with a time of worship, in which Robert Kerneza and his band led the participants in a sensitive and new way to open up and listen to God’s call to all of us.

John Shortt as the conference speaker offered four PowerPoint presentations (slides translated in both German and French), calling to mind in a very well received, lively and loving way four base-line themes of Christian pedagogy:

On Friday afternoon, there were two excursions to choose from, which were much appreciated:

The intensive work was also balanced by a Jazz concert one evening, and the traditional ‘Evening of the Nations’, which included intercessory prayer as well as an impromptu European fashion show, showing above all the humorous creativity of the participants.

The conclusion of the conference was made by a worship service on Sunday morning, with the Lord’s Supper and an inspiring sermon by Daniel Neuhaus (France).

This conference has served the purposes of EurECA in various ways, by:

We give thanks to God with grateful hearts for the blessing which He has bestowed on this conference, and for the presence of His Holy Spirit, which was also perceived by our hostesses, who felt strongly joined with us in this Spirit.

Next year, we hope to see you at the Open Conference in Prague, commemorating 10 years of the ‘Prague Declaration’, on Ascension Weekend, May 17 to 20.

Theresia Kerneza & Matt Kägi