Christian Organisations Working in Schools - The Education page of the website of Vereinigte Bibelgruppen, an organisation for students and professional groups in Switzerland, gives details of their very full programme of courses and conferences of interest to Christian education students and teachers. - This is the website of the General Council of Evangelical Religious Education, an organistion that brings together those evangelicals who teach Religious Education in state schools in Spain. The website has helpful news of resources available to Christian teachers and links to helpful websites. - Eftre exists to form a European organization to further the teaching of Religious Education. Member organizations represent teachers in schools, colleges and universities and work together to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and working methods. - “iV” is an organization of associations from different countries in Europe with the aim to support Christian Education in private schools as in schools under public law and to save the human values of Christian Education. - This organisation links together groups of mothers praying for their local schools throughout Germany. There are over 900 such groups and you can find out whether there are any in your area by contacting your regional coordinator through e-mail addresses provided on the website. – The Schools Prayer Network in the UK is sponsored by CARE. Their website gives information on how to register a local group with this national network. - Scripture Union, UK and Irish Republic. Click on ‘Schools’ for pages giving details of training courses and resources for schools workers, contact information for regional workers, and resources for school assemblies. - SMD in schools, Germany. The website gives contact details for travelling secretaries in different regions and of resources available for use with Christian groups in schools. - Scripture Union, Europe. Click on ‘European Bulletin’ for the current quarterly News and Prayer Bulletin in English, French or German giving news from all over Europe and also from other parts of the world. - …make an eternal difference! Transformed teachers can be transforming teachers, but change begins in the mind of teacher. - Faith as inspiration for a good education. Verus is the association for Christian education in the Netherlands. They are innovative sparring partner and trusted advocate for the development of contemporary Christian education.