Journals & Magazines of Christian Education is an international journal published by the Australian Christian Forum on Education. The website provides an index to all issues published since JCE first appeared in 1958, information on how to obtain back copies and a sample article from a recent issue. - The Journal of the Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences is available online with abstracts and full text of articles freely downloadable. These include some helpful articles on Mathematics teaching from a Christian perspective. – The magazine Glaube und Erziehung is a helpful resource for Christian educators. The website contains articles and reviews from the current issue, links to a number of useful German websites and details of conferences for Christian educators. - Journal of Education & Christian Belief is an international journal co-sponsored by Association of Christian Teachers England, the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning and the Stapleford Centre. The website has the complete text of a number of editorials and book reviews and abstracts to articles published since Autumn 2000.