Resources for Christian Teachers - The Abba Projekt website provides free downloads of lots of ideas and worksheets for teaching religion and art and promises to add mathematics shortly. (The website is in German but it is possible to access it in English and other languages by inserting the address into the appropriate place on the home page of - BeCaL (Belief, Culture and Learning) is an outstanding website! Its Huge set of contents includes: an interactive Learning Centre outlining a process for developing a values and citizenship curriculum; a Datapool with links to over 400 websites; a Toolkit from which practical resources can be downloaded; and a searchable Library to help with research and academic studies. (BeCaL is the brain-child of former EurECA chairperson, Ruth Deakin-Crick.) Try this site and see what you think! - ECNAIS Supports and pursues the values embedded in a democratic approach to pluralism in the national educational systems, and the respect of the parental choice. This is not distinctively Christian and exists for all kinds of independent schools. - This website presents Christian education resources, activities and reflections for teachers and parents. There are hundreds of items on the site which can be freely downloaded. They are available in French only. - Helpful material for teaching about worldviews can be freely downloaded from this website. It is presented in a contemporary style and should therefore be useful in teaching teenagers about the influence of worldviews in our postmodern culture. - The Kuyers Institute of Christian Teaching and Learning, Calvin College, USA. Among the many items on this website is a freely downloadable copy of Entry Points, aunique and widely-acclaimed book which combines examples across the curriculum, and from school management, of practices collected from a range of Christian teachers in a variety of school settings in the UK (this book has been recently translated into Russian so the material it contains is of wide relevance). The Director of the Kuyers Institute is Dr David Smith who is well-known to many EurECA members. - The Science and Religion in Schools Project is based in Oxford, England. Their attractive website has some sample materials for both primary and secondary schools. - The Stapleford Centre website has an online bookshop with a lot of resources for primary and secondary level (including the Charis Project materials) and continuous professional development. There is also information on conferences and courses, including distance-learning courses up to MA level in faith and education, and freely downloadable materials (click on for these). - This is the website of the Transforming Lives Project which is based in the UK and aims to raise the profile of teaching as a Christian vocation. It has sections for Christians thinking of becoming teachers, for those already teaching (which includes a very helpful Library section) and for those who want to support teachers. Among the downloadable materials in the Library section are the texts of the main presentations by John Shortt at the 2006 EurECA Conference. – A website in English, French and German recently set up by EurECA member, Harold Klassen. It is visually attractive and fairly easy to use with very helpful material on models of biblical integration and links to good websites. This should be a very good site to add to your Favourites list. - This is a very attractive website providing creative worksheets for use in schools and home education. It also has links to other helpful websites. - This website is intentionally built around concrete examples of teachers connecting Christian faith with their teaching.