Moral Education

Title Type of material Age group/level More detail
Discipline in the Classroom: 100 Ideas That Work. Book on practical pedagogy in the classroom. Teachers of all subjects and at all levels. More … (DN1)
Kid’s safety and the Internet Teaching resource. Parents – could be modified for students. More ... (GN3)
Le Chevalier Champion (The Champion Knight) Game for Physical Education class. All ages from 7 to 77! More … (RN1)
Discipline with Dignity PowerPoint presentation on school and classroom management. Teachers and other school staff. More ... (LC1)
Christ-centred experiential learning A philosophy and method for outdoor education. Pupils and teachers of all ages. More … (RK1)
Four different titles from the Stapleford Centre.. Four books on pedagogy for spiritual and moral development Teachers in state schools and Christian schools. More ... (AF1)
TeenSTAR Programme for teaching on human sexuality. 11-14-year-old and 15-18-year-old students. More … (DK1)
Portfolio in Character Building Education (Minä-vihko). Lesson plans for character building classes. Teachers of 7-14-year-old students. More ... (KSa1)
Law and Society Curriculum Programme/ Human Society 14-16-year-old students. More ... (BC8)