Other Subjects/General

Title Type of material Age group/level More detail
Christ-centred experiential learning A philosophy and method for outdoor education. Pupils and teachers of all ages. More … (RK1)
Teaching Worldviews at Trinity Christian School Introduction to teaching worldviews and worksheets. 11-14-year-old students. More ... (RE1)
Starters: Christian Curriculum Perspectives Collection of pamphlets to help teachers think more biblically about their subjects.  Covers fifteen different subject areas. Christian Educators, especially those working in Christian schools. More ... (SB1)
Four different titles from the Stapleford Centre.. Four books on pedagogy for spiritual and moral development Teachers in state schools and Christian schools. More ... (AF1)
Entry Points A Teachers’ guide to models for Christian education to stimulate thinking, discussion and good practice. Teachers in state schools and Christian schools. More ... (AF4)
A selection of aspects for evaluation of self developed teaching materials. A selection of aspects for evaluation for immediate cross curricular use. All teachers of all grades and school types, parents, publishers and authors of Christian teaching materials. More … (WG1)
Reality Bites Website stories to teach worldviews. 15-year-olds and upwards. More … (AJ5)
Visual Valet Tool to assist teacher to biblically integrate and develop Christian materials in all subject areas All educators in all settings whether school, home or church. More … (DD1)