Title Type of material Age group/level More detail
Charis Project resource books Teachers’ books for Science, Mathematics, English, French and German. Teachers of 11-16-year-old students in state schools and Christian schools. More ... (AF2)
Science in Faith: A Christian Perspective on Teaching Science Book containing worldview guidance for curriculum planning. Teachers at all levels and all subjects, also educators, governors, youth workers and other interested Christians. More ... (AJ1)
Bone of Contention: Is Evolution True? (Third Edition) Magazine-style book providing an introduction to the creation/evolution debate. Teachers and older students (15-18 years) More ... (SB2)
Blind Evolution or Intelligent Design. PowerPoint presentation and student worksheet. Science Students aged 14-16. More ... (BC1)
ZOOLOGIE, niveau 7. (Zoology, level 7). Manual, guide book, tests, answer book. Secondary school students. More ... (JF4)
Evolution - a critical textbook (Evolution - ein kritisches Lehrbuch). Book for use in Biology classes. 12-18-year-old students. More … (IA6)